Prelude the Movie

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Based on a true story of a young female traveler who follows her dream of moving to Hawaii only to find herself in a turbulent romantic relationship. Seeking support, she turns to her new unexpected roommates and her old diaries, discovering the true reason for her struggles.



After spending the past year solo backpacking Australia and Southeast Asia, recent college graduate and surfing enthusiast Alexandra follows her dream of moving to Hawaii. Within the first week of moving, she goes for a swim and spots Tony, a fun-loving and charismatic local man, paddleboarding in the distance. Tony paddles over to introduce himself and they both feel that it is love at first sight. When their seemingly perfect relationship takes a turn, Alexandra looks for answers in her personal diaries and gains support from a feisty elderly lesbian couple. Evidently, both reveal that there may be more to her troubles than a broken relationship.

Filmmaker’s Statement

What is real and what is acting? This film combines elements of a video blog style (Vlog) and a fictional narrative short film. I believe that if theaters moved away from escapism cinema and showcased movies about honest day to day life expressions, the gaps between strangers may become bridged by compassion. Sharing my emotions can feel weird and embarrassing, but in doing so I hope to normalize vulnerable communication. A famous researcher on vulnerability, Brené Brown Ph.D., found that feelings of shame will grow and become worse by keeping them quiet. Her findings conclude that the antidote to shame is authenticity. For this film, I chose to lead by example and present an authentic emotional response to a real life situation.